Become an Affiliate

Rescue Bank is not accepting new Affiliates as we revamp our program. Check back soon!

Our Affiliate Program

Operating on the national food bank model, Rescue Bank depends on regional non-profit Affiliates to distribute pet food grants to animal welfare non-profits in their community.  We cannot complete our mission without the active support of our community-based partners.

Rescue Bank serves its Affiliates by:

  • Sourcing and negotiating for donated products
  • Shipping products to the Affiliate’s warehouse
  • Managing the online application and recipient due diligence processes
  • Monitoring recipients’ non-profit status
  • Collecting distribution data and reporting to donors
  • Providing standard forms and training materials for Affiliates
  • Providing support for disasters and other emergencies

Why should our group become a Distribution Affiliate?

Our Affiliates are a vital part of the rescue and adoption resource in their communities. They help raise the standards of care by supplementing the other sources of food and supplies for animal welfare non-profits. This allows the recipient groups to shift scarce funds to other needs, such as spay/neuter, wellness or facility improvements.

Affiliates are also a focal point for information sharing and cooperative efforts, especially during distribution events as groups are able to share ideas and concerns for their common benefit.

Where are Affiliates needed?

We add Affiliates when:

  • At least 35 approved recipient groups have registered in the local area. This is usually the minimum size for economic delivery of truckload quantities of food.
  • The Affiliate is able to meet our financial, operating history and capability criteria.
  • Our food supply quantity and location allows for expanding the Affiliate network without significantly reducing donations to existing Affiliates. It is very important to Rescue Bank that we maintain a balance between supply and demand. We will never be able to supply all of a group’s food needs, but we want to make sure that we make a meaningful contribution to all of our Affiliates.
  • The location is not within 150 miles of a current Affiliate.

What are the Affiliate criteria?

Affiliates must:

  • Be a 501(c) 3 organization in good standing or a municipal/county shelter.
  • Meet the qualifications for a Rescue Bank recipient.
  • Have a mission consistent with a pet food distribution program.
  • Demonstrate financial responsibility and capabilities for record keeping and timely reporting.
  • Agree to the terms and conditions of the Rescue Bank “Affiliate Agreement,” including compliance with our operating procedures and reporting requirements.
  • Have warehouse space that is suitable for receiving, storing and redistributing 40-80 pallets of pet food.
  • Have sufficient volunteers to vet groups, schedule distributions, and distribute 40-80 pallets per event, and report inventories and distributions to Rescue Bank.

What are the Affiliate’s responsibilities?

We depend on the Affiliate’s local knowledge and experience to:

  • Verify that each recipient’s application meets the qualifications for their category (i.e., shelter, feral cat group, etc.).
  • Secure a warehouse suitable for receiving, storing and distributing food, following the guidelines supplied by Rescue Bank.
  • Conduct an inventory of product received and report it to Rescue Bank within five days.
  • Equitably allocate the donation to approved groups, applying the guidelines issued by Rescue Bank.
  • Notify recipients of their grant, collect the handling fee, and distribute the product. (A portion of the handling fee is kept by the Affiliate to help pay local expenses; the remainder is sent to Rescue Bank to help pay for freight and program expenses.)
  • Report the distribution to Rescue Bank.
  • Monitor the groups to make sure that no one is selling, bartering or otherwise redistributing their donation.

Are there costs associated with becoming an Affiliate Distributor?

Rescue Bank does not charge an Affiliate fee or membership dues. Further, Rescue Bank pays the freight for shipments to the Affiliate’s warehouse.

However, the Affiliate must meet their local expenses, using their portion of the handling fee and (typically) donations from other sources.

Rescue Bank food distribution typically does not generate extra income for the Affiliate. Instead, the handling fee kept by the Affiliate can often meet their local expenses.

Do Recipients pay any fees?

Yes, a small per pound handling fee based on the national foodbank model. The food is donated but freight, warehousing and program services are not. Recipients pay a small per pound fee that helps the Affiliate and Rescue Bank meet their expenses. Outside donors contribute the rest.

The fee is a maximum allowable charge to the recipient. An Affiliate may reduce the fee charged to the Recipient, except that the Affiliate must still pay Rescue Bank its portion.

There are cases where a fee is reduced or not charged, such as:

  • Disaster response
  • Law enforcement actions such as cruelty or hoarding cases
  • Distributions where the donor pays the freight and handling

Get started now!

To request more information about becoming an Affiliate Distribution Center, please complete the contact form. We’ll then schedule a conference call to review the Affiliate qualifications and responsibilities.

If we’re both interested to proceed, we’ll send a confidentiality agreement and, after that is signed, additional information to support your decision.

There is no set time period for approval, this depends on how many questions you have and feedback from your Board, attorney or other advisors.

Once we process the Contact Form we will send the Affiliate Application and a Confidentiality Agreement. When the application and agreement are returned we will contact you for a follow-up interview and will then send our Operating Procedures and forms for your review. There is no set time period for approval, this depends on how many questions you have and feedback from your Board, attorney or other advisors.