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Buddy Makes a Comeback

Buddy came to Toledo’s PET Bull Project after he scurried into someone’s yard emaciated and with bloody pads. Due to his malnourished appearance and flinching, it was apparent that his previous life with humans had been one of abuse and neglect so intense that it broke his spirit. Buddy’s bloody pads suggest that his owner dumped him in a rural area before he somehow fought his way back to civilization.

Luckily, it didn’t take long for Buddy to settle in and adapt to life at the rescue. Thanks to high-quality pet food donated by’s Rescue Bank, he is now well-fed and at a healthy weight. And thanks to lots of love from good people, Buddy no longer fears showing his gentle soul to humans.

Best of all, he will soon move into his forever home!

“The ability to have donated food on hand for these dogs is undeniably the only reason we can help boys like Buddy. Between medical costs and neuter, we can barely make ends meet, so having food on hand and not having to have that added expense is a lifesaver.” – Toledo’s PET Bull Project