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Honey Smoked Fish Funds One Million Meals to Animal Shelters

Honey Smoked Fish Funds One Million Meals to Animal Shelters



Animal Welfare Groups Welcome One Million Meals for Rescued Pets

On a sunny day in Denver, Honey Smoked Fish joined for the grand opening of the Rescue Mill warehouse. The event celebrated the recent partnership between Honey Smoked Fish and—a nonprofit devoted to improving the health and wellbeing of people, pets, and the planet—to support animals in need through Rescue Bank.

Similar to a national food bank,’s Rescue Bank program manages food donations from brand name manufacturers, distributors, and retailers for redistribution to rescued pets.

Generous support from Honey Smoked Fish will fund one million meals to 21 animal welfare groups in the Denver area over the next six months. In addition, updated handling equipment will increase Honey Smoked Fish’s positive impact to include tens of thousands of rescued pets across Colorado state.

Local rescue groups joined Vicki Doefler of National Mill Dog Rescue, Melissa Vecera of’s Rescue Bank, and Kevin Mason of Honey Smoked Fish in commemorating the new Rescue Mill warehouse. That Friday, the facility became the official pick-up site for donated pet goods thanks to Honey Smoked Fish’s food and equipment support.

The day was made complete by the company of a few furry friends. Their loving faces and tales of hardship reminded everyone of the ongoing need for animal care and rescue. September 23rd had the uniform effect of refueling commitment to the underserved community members who walk on more than two legs.



Watch the new equipment in action!