Recipient Stories

For Approved Rescue Bank Recipients -

To maintain a steady supply of donated food, Rescue Bank relies on brand name donors and corporate sponsors. As much as we thank them (and we do, often), it is your rescue stories that show them the impact of their support. Please help us continue our program by submitting rescue stories of how receiving their food through the Rescue Bank program helps your organization.

Please submit your stories here.

Tips for Compelling Stories:

  • Please submit only one animal per story.
  • Include photos and/or video. Before and after photos, those of animals eating, and/or pets at the time of adoption or in their new home are all great options. For photo/video help, check out
  • Show how receiving Rescue Bank food has helped your organization. For example, have these food donations freed up funds for an animal’s medical care, spay/neuter, etc.?
  • Include background of the animal in the story.

We share these stories with the public and our donors, and they’re the most powerful tool we have to spread the word about the work you do. These stories are vital for us to continue the Rescue Bank program.

Thank you!

The Rescue Bank Team