The Benefits of Partnering

From the supplier’s perspective, the decision to donate product must consider brand integrity, opportunities to enhance goodwill, risk, and cost. Rescue Bank manages a complete program for receiving, tracking, and delivering unsaleable product on a national scale. Rescue Bank’s product donors benefit from:

  • One-call access to a nationwide reverse logistics network, reduced workload for your donation coordinators
  • Recipient qualification through a two-step, national and local vetting process
  • Recipient agreements that address FDA compliance, liability, and media rights issues
  • Freight and regional distribution warehouse costs paid by Rescue Bank and its Affiliates – you provide FOB at your facility and we cover the rest
  • More rapid distribution of large volumes for faster recovery of warehouse space
  • Shipment tracking and recall notice capabilities
  • Coordination with your corporate communications, publicity, advertising and social media staff to maximize goodwill

Donation Process

Contact Rescue Bank either by email at We typically need the following information:

  • Product location and address, contact name, and phone number
  • Product description(s), quantities, and ‘best by’ dates
  • Confirmation that it is palletized and shrink-wrapped suitable for truck freight
  • Transportation and storage specifics (dry, refrigerated, frozen)
  • Reason for donation (code date issue, etc.)
  • Schedule, including restricted days or hours at loading facility